Authentic Louis Vuitton

Last Update: July 28, 2021

Authentic Louis Vuitton

Long story short, unauthorized authentic Louis Vuitton means FAKE or replica. Louis Vuitton and other high-end retailers will actually be against letting go of their items for cheaper price because it cheapens the brand. This is why they destroy defective items instead of selling for cheaper.

Also to know is, what is an unauthorized authentic?

Unauthorized authentic means that they were made in the same factory and with the same materials as the original product, but sold by someone other than the retail company. As such the prices of our shoes are lower than retail because there is no multiple layers of mark-up through retail branches for the branded goods.

Likewise, does UA mean fake? Hence, with this emergence, there is bound to be a lot of newcomers who do not really have the knowledge in all things sneakers, what more something like a term such as, “Unauthorised Authentic” (UA), which is the focal point of our discussion.

How to Identify Authentic Louis Vuitton Bags

With their massive popularity, Louis Vuitton bags have strong resale markets, which makes authenticity a huge topic. Over the years, we’ve received thousands of questions about authentication from our customers, so we designed this guide to answer the ones we hear the most.

Louis Vuitton bags have a number of key authenticity indicators that include date codes, materials, and craftsmanship. At Couture USA, our authenticators are heavily trained to authenticate Louis Vuitton and many other brands. This guide was designed to give a brief overview of each of those categories. As with any authenticity guideline, there are always exceptions, but here are some key points to look at when determining whether or not your Louis Vuitton bag is real.

Correct Logos and Embossing on Exterior Materials

Louis Vuitton currently has a variety of materials with hundreds of styles and color combinations. The most popular Louis Vuitton materials are Monogram canvas, Damier canvas, Epi leather, and Monogram Vernis leather. Here are a few key points to keep in mind about each:

  • Authentic Monogram canvas has the following symbols: interlocking LV initials, four-pointed stars, suns, and flowers
  • The Authentic Damier check squares are uniform in size (approximately .65 inches each)
  • Authentic Epi leather items typically feature a lightly embossed LV in one corner
  • Authentic Monogram Vernis items usually have a slightly pearlescent shimmer

Touching and looking at these materials closely can also quickly determine the authenticity of a bag before you even take other factors into consideration. Counterfeit materials tend to have more variations in pattern alignment, color, texture, and weight. The product photos on our website are great resources for determining material authenticity.

Monogram Canvas Motifs

There are many misconceptions surrounding Monogram canvas. Although many people believe that LV logos are never cut off and that they’re never upside down, this isn’t true. The Speedy is the perfect example of an upside down logo, since it is made from one continuous piece of material.

Generally, LV logos won’t be cut off, but there are exceptions. The Ellipse, Croissant, Tulum, and Tivoli bags are examples of bags with cut-off logos along the edges because of the way these bags are designed.

As much as possible, Vuitton aligns Monogram canvas motifs on all four sides of a bag. In many cases, patterns will align horizontally, vertically, or diagonally depending on the bag style. Due to the manufacturing process, it’s not uncommon to see minor variations in alignment along seams and zipper lines. However, you should be able to count the LVs across and going down in order to match them with an authentic one every single time.

Correct Leather Trademark Stamps

Leather trademark stamps are those that feature the ® trademark symbol. On authentic stamps (like the one pictured below left), round “O” letters are the first inspection points. Vuitton “O”s should be perfect circles.

Counterfeit bags often have inconsistent leather trademark stamps. The counterfeit stamp on the above right uses a slightly different font than the authentic stamp on the left. On the counterfeit stamp, the embossing is inconsistent (especially on the ‘made in’ portion). The authentic stamp, however, is clear and even. Counterfeit stamping often varies in depth, clarity, size, and position.

Trademark stamps may vary slightly from year to year, and from factory to factory. Also, keep in mind that LV hardware stamping differs in appearance from leather stamping.

Correct Hardware Logo Stamps

Like the leather stamping mentioned in the Correct Leather Trademark Stamps section, authentic hardware should be clearly and evenly stamped. In the counterfeit example, the top zipper pull features deeper embossing than the bottom zipper pull.

Proper Louis Vuitton Interior Materials

Proper Louis Vuitton Interior Materials

Louis Vuitton uses a variety of interior lining materials, depending on the bag style. The most popular are canvas, microfiber, cross-grain leather, and Vuittonite. One way to inspect authenticity is to see if the lining is correct for the bag style. Take into consideration that some styles of bags may have a different lining depending on the exterior material. For example a Monogram Neverfull will have a canvas lining, but an Epi Neverfull will have microfiber. A lining that doesn’t correspond with the exterior material and style of the bag is a red flag and means that the bag needs further authenticity inspection.

The Louis Vuitton photos on our website are great resources for determining which linings correspond with specific bag styles.

Louis Vuitton Authentication Service

Louis Vuitton Authentication Service

If you have a Louis Vuitton bag that you’re not sure is genuine, we can authenticate it for you, to find out more about this service visit – Handbag Authentication. Through our Clinic cleaning and restoring bags and our buying team we assess thousands of Louis Vuitton Handbags each year giving us great insight into spotting the real from the fake!

If you’re looking to purchase an authentic Louis Vuitton bag you can shop our range of Authentic Louis Vuitton. Or, if you have a bag that needs cleaned or restored take a look at our Handbag Cleaning & Restoration Services.