Best C Clamps

Best C Clamps

In my ongoing quest for finding adequate substitutions for the vanishing North American clamp manufacturers, I recently discovered an exceptionally strong forged steel C-clamp that will surely give us decades of dependable use.

Woodworkers rarely use large capacity C-Clamps. Instead, we prefer the more rapid to open and close F-clamps, or the Parallel jaws clamps. However, C-clamps are better for repeated clamping of materials of similar thicknesses. Think about a carver who routinely work with 1” stock that is clamped to a 2” workbench. With one turn of the screw, the clamp is loosened and can be repositioned without worrying that the moving jaw will drop or get loosened. C-clamps don’t have moving parts but for the screw, which is their biggest advantage. No doubt you can find an F-clamp with a positive clutch grip mechanism to prevent the moving jaw from unintentional dislocating, but a feature like this may become loose over time – especially if the jaws are always engaged at the same configurations.

In addition, over a long period of time when an F-clamp is subjected to over-tightening, structural deformation such as a permanent bend in the clamp’s beam, or loosing of the fixed jaw is likely to happen. In contrast, a good quality C-clamps will retain its structural integrity almost indefinitely.

5 Best C-Clamp Reviews In 2021:

1. IRWIN QUICK-GRIP- 6-inch C Clamp

IRWIN QUICK-GRIP- 6-inch C Clamp

The IRWIN QUICK-GRIP C-Clamp is a USA-made tool. It is a built-in durable steel construction. For faster clamping, the woodworking clamp has a double-rolled thread. The double threaded screw reduce drift, save time, and provides 50% less screw deflection.

The handle of the IRWIN 6-inch C Clamp is large enough for greater clamping pressure. It reduces hand fatigue, and require less effort. Applying torque is 25% easier than a standard C-Clamp. Though this tool is made in China, its efficient features along with exclusive design make this tool ideal for clamping.

2. Husky 8 in. Drop Forged C-Clamp

Husky 8 in. Drop Forged C-Clamp

One of the most recognizable types of woodworking clamps, the Husky Drop-Forged C-Clamp is a handy tool to have in your shop or shed. Constructed of drop-forged steel, this clamp measures 8 inches long with a throat depth of 4.61 inches and 760 pounds of clamping forces. Technically considered a “light duty” clamp, this Husky C-Clamp is still versatile enough to handle a wide range of tasks and users say it has hundreds of different uses around the home, garage, or shop.

You’ll especially appreciate that the textured clamping face provides sufficient grip. Additionally, the 7/8-inch flat pad of the spindle that provides opposing pressure can be used with an additional larger plastic pad cover for more surface pressure. It adjusts easily and smoothly but stays tight once positioned. Additionally, Husky offers a lifetime warranty on this woodworking tool.

3. Tekton 6-Inch C Clamp

Tekton 6-Inch C Clamp

This clamp is 6 inches at maximum opening and works well for large and small jobs alike. It is made of malleable iron and features a swivel jaw pad that floats in a low-resistance ball-and-socket joint to ensure that pressure is applied evenly when tightened, compensating for surfaces that are not perfectly flat or flush with one another. The same clamp is also available in sizes ranging from a tiny 1 inch to a massive 12 inches.

4. Leadrise Universal C Clamp

Leadrise Universal C Clamp

This C clamp is made largely of aluminum alloy, which makes it a lighter option than some of our other picks. There is a no-slip rubber pad at the end of the screw bar, which helps prevent any movement when the clamp is fastened. This particular style of C clamp is especially useful in securing tools and devices like cameras and lights to tables and desktops. It is adjustable via a screw knob and opens to a maximum of 1.8 inches. It also has different-sized screw holes, at ¼ inch and 3/8 inch, so you can screw a tool into the clamp itself.

5. Bessey 4 Inch Clamp

Bessey 4 Inch Clamp

The Bessey 4 inch clamp takes the #5 spot on our list. Although this clamp only comes in the 4-inch size the “double prongs” are an extremely handy feature when working with projects that require force to be applied over an extended clamping surface. Additionally, all three touchpoints of the clamp have pads to prevent scratching and hold your materials in place. The threaded screw holds extremely well in this clamp and can keep materials steady whether you are gluing, screwing, or welding materials together.

The Bessey 4 inch double prong clamp is also great for outdoor projects. Its alloy casted frame and zinc plated handle make it rust-resistant and able to handle any climate without worrying about chipping or rust. This clamp is slightly more expensive than Irwin or Tekton’s clamps but if you are working with a large clamping surface this clamp offers a great way to get started without breaking the bank. Just make sure to keep in mind that this clamp only comes in the 4-inch size.


A woodworker can never deny the necessity of keeping the best clamps in his arsenal. C-clamps have been around long enough that it gradually grew to be essential to the tinkering like of hobbyists and pros. So, no matter you are working on a beginner’s simple woodworking project or you are working on a complicated project you must have a C-clamp.

Getting a good overview of the material, brand, ergonomics about the C-clamp that you’re about to buy is really important. Otherwise, you might end up with just a dent on the wallet and not a good enough c-clamp. And that’s what I’ve done for you during this article, making sure that you know all about the clamp that you’re about to buy.

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