Best Roller Stands

A roller stand is an invaluable support device that you will find in all kinds of workshops from heavy industrial to home woodworking. It provides a freely rolling surface for workpieces to pass over, making sawing, planing, and other work easier.

When set up properly, a roller stand can allow one person to handle long pieces of material and undertake jobs that would otherwise take two people to do. While straightforward in concept, roller stands come in a number of different designs.

We have been taking an in-depth look at the construction and capabilities of roller stands so we can help you pick the right one for your situation.

Types of Roller Stands

There are four main types of roller stand: standard, flip-flop, three-in-one, and tilting.

  • Standard: This roller stand is the most basic. It consists of a plain roller running in one direction on ball bearings on top of an adjustable base. A variation on this has anywhere from two to five rollers fixed in a frame. This gives a larger support area, but the rollers still work in the same way.
  • Flip-flop: This roller stand has a roller as described above on one side and a set of large round bearings on the other. These allow for easy movement in multiple directions. The name comes from the fact it’s quick to flip from one type of roller to the other.
  • Three-in-one: This is like the flip-flop design, but the third side consists of a simple flat plate. It can be used as a rest and the workpiece won’t move about.
  • Tilting: This roller stand uses two narrower, side-by-side rollers instead of one. The rollers can be adjusted independently at different angles up to 45° from the horizontal, thus offering tremendous flexibility in terms of the shape of the workpiece the roller stand can support. A variation on this is the pipe stand in which the two rollers are fixed at a 45° angle, providing a V for the pipe to sit in.

What are the Features to Look for in a Roller Stand?

Build quality

Roller stands are designed to support the workpiece’s huge weight. The roller must withstand the pressure exerted by heavy weight during out-feeding or in-feeding.

To support that much weight, a roller must be extremely strong and well-built from high-quality materials. So, if you’re thinking about buying a table saw roller stand, start by looking at the construction quality.


In addition to the construction, the design of the roller stand should be considered. A number of the roller stands are height-adjustable, making it easier to achieve the ideal working height. Second, you’ll need to locate a roller stand that can be folded simply. You will be able to easily store such a roller when it is not in use.

Custom feet

The type of feet on the roller stand should be checked for the best stability and support. Non-slip feet are available on some models, allowing for superior support on all surfaces.

Best Roller Stands in 2021:

1. WORKPRO W137006A Folding Roller Stand

WORKPRO W137006A Folding Roller Stand

In case you are looking for a low-budget option that will get the work done correctly, this roller stand is among the few options that come with you in mind.

The stand boasts robust construction for prolonged service life without breaking the bank. Premium finish protects the rugged construction from rust and other effects, elongating the lifespan further for outstanding performance year after year.

Also, the finish is aesthetically appealing to add a unique touch of beauty in your workplace. Our specific choice comes in a pack of one.

2. HTC HSS-15 Super Duty Adjustable Tall Pedestal Roller Stand

HTC HSS-15 Super Duty Adjustable Tall Pedestal Roller Stand

This roller stand also comes with a heavy construction that provides excellent support to your long piece of lumber.

The high bearing capacity of 500 lbs indicates that the unit is sturdy enough to handle stably just about anything that comes it’s a way- expect it to be like that extra pair of hands you have always desired to have in your workshop in those moments you have found yourself operating alone.

Furthermore, since the product is made in the United States, you can buy this roller stand knowing that you are getting something of great quality.

3. PROTOCOL Equipment 67109: Adjustable Roller Stand for Table Saw

PROTOCOL Equipment 67109: Adjustable Roller Stand for Table Saw

If you have a tight budget, and looking for a stand for handling your workpiece’s tail, you can take a look on the PROTOCOL Equipment made 67109 3-in-1 roller stand.

The reason we have selected this particular roller stand is its price ratio with the versatile features. As it is equipped with a 3-in-1 roller head and has various other cool features, it has made a position to our review. Moreover, it is the most lightweight saw roller stand on the market until now.

Whether it could be pipe or wood, the roller will take care of your every type of workpiece with ease. It will roll out the different workpiece to multiple directions.

The head works as a metal stopper also. Moreover, the 8-independent roller help to roll out different pieces of the workpiece in any direction. So, it is easy to control the multiple workpieces at a time.Just 10-pounds lightweight stand is capable of taking as much as 150-pounds weight. So, it can easily tackle your home-based DIY work.

Though it doesn’t cover up the high-price, the producers put so many features as a high-end roller has. You can easily fold it into a small piece for easy transportation, and it will also consume small space if you want to store it in a place. Moreover, the stand can be adjusted to the working height of 28-inch to 45-inch.

4. ToughBuiltTB-S200


Sometimes the fraction of money can get you the excellent quality product, and it proves that you always need not to sneak into your pocket for a bundle to pick a high-quality tool. An excellent example for those words is ToughBuilt TB-S200 table saw feeding roller.

Well! To provide you one of the best rollers on the market, engineers of the ToughBuilt made their TB-S200 from high-quality galvanized steel which makes it sturdy and rust proof.

Only weighing 10.7-pounds makes it super easy to transport. So, it allows you to move it from site to site easily.

The sturdy stand roller is capable of holding 265-pounds on it. Thus, it is possible for you to use the roller to work with wood or other heavy metals.

To make easy to use it for the versatile projects, engineers design it especially so that you can change its height. Not only that, the minimum 26.6-inch and maximum 42.9-inch height adjustment provides a comfortable working station for different people with various height.

5. Rockwell RK9034 JawStand XP Work Support Stand

Rockwell RK9034 JawStand XP Work Support Stand

Let us look into our first option which is this multifaceted adjustable stand from Rockwell. This easy to use woodworking stand can aid you with your work, whether you need to hold or clamp large pieces of wood without any trouble.

The clamp that comes along is capable of withholding surface up to 1.75 inches in width. Paired up with padded clamps and the low friction slides, this will help you hold onto various objects without leaving any scratches or bruises on the surface.

You can easily adjust the height between 25 to 43 inches, spin, or tilt it accurately up to a 90-degree angle, with the help of its built-in bubble indicator for correct leveling.

Rockwell’s extra-wide tripod legs with no-mar and no-slip feet provide excellent stability on any surface level, including uneven terrains, without causing single damage to the floor area. Even after putting a full load on this stand, you can adjust it up to 2 inches with impeccable accuracy.

6. Vestil Stand-H Horizontal Deluxe Roller Stand

Vestil Stand-H Horizontal Deluxe Roller Stand

This one is a must-have in your workplace, especially if you happen to work with a wide range of woodworks. It is also ideal for working on long pieces of wood. The well-built roller stand is not only among one of the best construction available but is also one of the most durable ones too.

Its maximum weight capacity of 1760 lbs. is extremely impressive and will enable you to work with almost every size and weight of the lumbar that you may fancy. You can adjust its height accurately anywhere between 23 to 38.5 inches.

Moreover, this height range is perfect to work with most machines as they usually fall within this range of height. This roller stand is pretty lightweight, considering the weight it can work with. And because of this, you can carry it almost anywhere, depending on your needs.

7. Shop Fox W1732 Adjustable Roller Stand

Shop Fox W1732 Adjustable Roller Stand

If you have more cash to flow, why not get a roller table instead of a stand? The exciting features will make this a worthwhile investment.

We’ve all seen that factories use conveyor belts to transfer the goods. It’s efficient and takes a lot less time. Another grand feature for conveyor belts is that they can carry a lot of weight since multiple components are working together, and the load’s distributed equally.

The same concept is in play here. When you join multiple stands, all equipped with single rollers, then none will have to carry the weight all alone. Shop Fox W1732 can accommodate 9 rollers, so it works like a table. And that’s why you get the maximum load capacity of 300 pounds!

It’s such a versatile accessory to have in your workshop. The stands have adjustable legs that can reach heights from 19.5 to 54 inches. And since there’re multiple stands, you have the independence to shape it anyway convenient. You can tilt or elevate it depending on the use!

8. Haul-Master Roller Stand

Haul-Master Roller Stand

This is a quality and reliable roller stand that will always guarantee you of top-notch services. It can support up to 132 lbs, which makes it suitable for a wide range of activities. It is also adjustable; hence you can work at different heights.

The roller stand is also ergonomic and designed with the highest quality of the material. This makes it highly durable. It will offer you the best stability and support needed at the workstation.

9. Portamate PM-5093 Multi-Directional Roller Stand

Portamate PM-5093 Multi-Directional Roller Stand

The Portamate PM-5093 Multi-Directional Roller Stand is one quality roller stand that you can use for a wide range of activities. The roller stand is suitable for both table saws and band saws, which makes it versatile. It also allows for height adjustment to enhance the working process.

It also offers the best support since it can accommodate up to 300 lbs. This makes it great for different operations. The roller stand is also easy to carry and store after use. This is due to the fact that it easily folds. Lastly, it provides up to three types of support.

10. ToughBuilt 3-in-1 Roller Stand for Table Saws

ToughBuilt 3-in-1 Roller Stand for Table Saws

For an extremely stronger support, this is the ideal pick of roller stand you will require. The roller stand features a 2-inch box tube frame. This is meant for creating the ultimate stronger structure. To add more support, it is smooth to bring about easy movement and support.

This quality roller stand is also highly durable since it has been constructed using a heavy-duty steel. It will assure you of a long-term service needed. It easily folds and with the height adjustment, you will definitely like it.


What’s the difference between a roller stand and a roller conveyor?

A conveyor usually has several sets of rollers, providing an extended platform rather than just a single support. It’s often used in warehouses for moving goods along. However, it can be confusing when you see something called an “adjustable roller stand,” which might describe either device.

Which type of roller stand is the most stable?

Technically, a tripod gives the greatest stability when compared with the typical four-legged version or those with horizontal bar feet. A tripod always has all three feet on the ground, so it’s stable on virtually any surface (which is why this type is so popular). However, that doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s level or offers adequate support, so be sure to check that before starting work.

Can I make my own roller stands?

It’s certainly possible, and there are several sets of plans and video instructions for making roller stands online. They can be a very cheap alternative. However, it’s worth thinking about the weight they can support, the precision you need, and the durability you expect. If it’s for simple support, that’s fine. If you’re using it as the out-feed of a thickness planer, for example, any inconsistency could have a negative impact on the finished product.

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