Aluminum heads require strong threaded connections to keep an engine functioning correctly. The soft nature of aluminum allows threads to pull from their base material when under the strain and pressure of an operating engine. When threads strip from connecting points of an aluminum head, new — stronger — threadsContinue Reading

Rarely do we give a second thought to the way our cabinets and drawers open and close—that is, unless they squeak when they’re in motion and don’t glide on their tracks as easily as they should. The drawers of your furniture should function easily and quietly. This is easy toContinue Reading

It’s easy to be confused. Screws are undoubtedly the most versatile fasteners used in woodworking, but there are a lot of choices. Wood screws are handy for quickly building jigs and clamping forms, joining cabinet and furniture parts, mounting hardware and trim, and much more. Screws form strong connections betweenContinue Reading

When you’re unable to access a wall stud using your stud finder, drywall anchors allow you to still safely and effectively mount items to your walls. Plus, since they’re available in a variety of sizes and types, you can secure a wide range of items, from lighter objects like smokeContinue Reading

Gate hinges require a lot of attention to detail. Picking the right ones for your home or commercial property may not be as easy as it sounds. You need to consider all the minute details, including the size and strength of the gate hinge appropriate for the weight and widthContinue Reading

While it’s clear that butt hinges and common door hinges allow you to easily open and close a door, there are also several other types of hinges that make it possible for you to easily open and close chests, toy boxes or even pianos. One type of hinge is aContinue Reading

Hinges are the essential hardware that allows doors to pivot on one edge as they open and close. They are found on virtually all doors in a home, from the main entry door to the door on the medicine cabinet in the bathroom to the gate on a landscape fence.Continue Reading

When it comes to cabinets, a lot hinges on the hinges. Their style and functionality have a huge effect on the overall appearance and performance of your cabinets and doors, maybe as much as the choice of wood or finish. With such a wide range of options, how do youContinue Reading