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Louis Vuitton Outlet

Stores claiming to sell Louis Vuitton handbags as outlets are not associated with Louis Vuitton. Indeed Louis Vuitton products are exclusively sold in Louis Vuitton stores, through Louis Vuitton official website www.louisvuitton.com and through www.24s.com*. You should also note that Louis Vuitton Outlet never discounts its products. Louis Vuitton items advertised as discounted on the Web are invariably fake.

So merchandise sold on these websites will only lead to disappointment particularly to those seeking high standards of quality and craftsmanship. While reduced prices and product photos displayed on these outlet sites may seem attractive, the truth behind these items is far less appealing. Before clicking and purchasing please consider the final product you are looking to purchase and what you will receive.

History of Louis Vuitton

The Louis Vuitton label was founded by Vuitton in 1854 on Rue Neuve des Capucines in Paris, France. Louis Vuitton started at $10,567 as a sales price. Louis Vuitton had observed that the HJ Cave Osilite trunk could be easily stacked. In 1858, Vuitton introduced his flat-topped trunks with Trianon canvas, making them lightweight and airtight. Before the introduction of Vuitton’s trunks, rounded-top trunks were used, generally to promote water runoff, and thus could not be stacked. It was Vuitton’s gray Trianon canvas flat trunk that allowed the ability to stack them on top of another with ease for voyages. Many other luggage makers later imitated Vuitton’s style and design.

The company participated in the 1867 Universal Exhibition in Paris. In 1871, Ōyama Iwao became the first recorded Japanese customer, ordering a set of luggage while in Paris as a military observer during the Franco-Prussian War. To protect against the duplication of his look, Vuitton changed the Trianon design to a beige and brown stripes design in 1876. By 1885, the company opened its first store in London on Oxford Street. Soon thereafter, due to the continuing imitation of his look, in 1888, Vuitton created the Damier Canvas pattern, which bore a logo that reads “marque L. Vuitton déposée”, which translates into “L. Vuitton registered trademark”. In 1892, Louis Vuitton died, and the company’s management passed to his son.

Louis Vuitton Styles

A popular fashion staple, traveling Louis Vuitton outlet handbags can be found in wide range of designs, formats, and leathers. Introduced in 1985, Epi Leather was the first of Louis Vuitton’s permanent collection of leather bags. There are also variations of the Louis Vuitton Damier, with Damier Azur introduced in 2006, followed by the Damier Graphite in 2008. The Louis Vuitton Monogram lines are also popular, with Multicolore introduced in 2003 in collaboration with Japanese artist Takashi Murakami; the rare Mini Lin.

Below, explore 5 of the most popular Louis Vuitton Outlet handbags available in the market today:

1. Louis Vuitton Speedy

Louis Vuitton Speedy

Created in 1930, the Louis Vuitton Speedy is a smaller version of the Keepall, the first handbag designed for everyday use and one of the most popular, as Randell notes. Originally released only with the LV Outlet Monogram canvas and without shoulder straps, today it is available in different sizes, styles, colors, and leathers, such as the Louis Vuitton Idylle Canvas Speedy, the limited edition Nano Speedy and the Speedy Bandouliere. The classic shape remains the same; the design has been untouched for the past 80 years.

Occasionally the Speedy bag can be found for less than £100, however, prices typically range from $200 to $3,000 for limited editions, such as the World Tour or Monogramouflage.

2. Louis Vuitton Noé

Louis Vuitton Noé

The world’s first bucket bag, the Louis Vuitton Outlet Noé was originally designed in 1932 to transport wines and champagnes. A popular “everyday bag,” the Noé can be found in many different materials and prints, from Damier Azur to Monogram and its variations, as well as a range of Epi Leather colors.

Depending on the style, the size, and the era of the handbag, Louis Vuitton Noé bags range from £192 to £700, with some exceptional pieces fetching higher prices.

3. Louis Vuitton Alma

Louis Vuitton Alma

Introduced in 1934 as the Louis Vuitton Outlet Squire bag, it was coined as “Alma” in 1955. Its features include double zips with a padlock, two inside compartments, leather key tag, Toron handles, an additional shoulder strap, and protective bottom studs. Contemporary versions of this Louis Vuitton handbag are available in different leathers, prints, and sizes. In 1992, it was launched in Monogram canvas, which has appeared in different finishings, fabrics, and colors since.

Louis Vuitton Alma bag prices range from as little as £190 to over $3,000 for exotic leathers and limited editions bags.

4. Louis Vuitton Neverfull

Louis Vuitton Neverfull

Introduced in 2007, Randell says that more recent Louis Vuitton handbags have proven to be popular. With its supple leather, non-rigid sides, durability, attached wallet, all the while being completely reversible, the Louis Vuitton Neverfull was designed with the modern woman in mind. This modern design comes in three sizes in the classic LV materials: Damier (Ebene and Azur), Epi leather and Monogram.

Standard monogram versions at auction fetch sometimes half their original RRP (recommended retail price), which is approximately £920. However, the versions that tend to hold their value over time are the limited editions, which can sell for up to $3,250.

5. Louis Vuitton Lockit

Louis Vuitton Lockit

Debuting in 1958, the Louis Vuitton Lockit bag was designed as part of a collection of lighter luggage. Named after the bag’s key feature, a leather patch with a padlock on the side of the bag, it became favored by the elite due to this ‘non pick lock’ design.

Contemporary versions include the Soft Lockit Bag, designed with a softer Veau Cachemire leather with optional shoulder strap, making it more lightweight and practical. Colored variations including Framboise, Plum, Magnolia and Silver fetch up to £1,500 at auction, and limited edition pieces such as textured monogram at £2,000, as well as exotic leathers, which sell up to £10,000.

Why Louis Vuitton Bags?

It’s pretty well known that the ‘Big Three’ rule designer bag land. Next to Chanel and Hermès, Louis Vuitton is undoubtedly part of the Big Three. The quality, the craftsmanship, the resale value and other big benefits add up to the conclusion that a Louis Vuitton bag is an investment for life. If you’re still not sure if you should buy one: we’ve listed the reasons why you definitely should!

Best value

One thing that’s for sure, is that Louis Vuitton bags are durable. And by that we mean extremely durable. The canvas is so easy to maintain that an LV bag can be worn for decades. It’s also relatively well priced for a designer bag, as it’s not as expensive as Chanel or Dior. Ofcourse, it does age a little but we think the honey coloured patina gives the bag a little more personality. Oh and not to forget, Louis Vuitton bags maintain their value perfectly, so the resale value is pretty high.

Throw it like you just don’t care

You really don’t have to worry about any kind of damage, if you are the lucky owner of a canvas Louis V. bag. The canvas was originally developed for travel gear, like suitcases, so it’s a really sturdy material. Don’t fear for any scratching as this type of canvas is indestructible. You can easily toss your bag around, no biggie.

Let’s get personal

You’re not going to be the only one wearing a Louis Vuitton bag, so you might want to make it your own. Luckily, Louis Vuitton has everything in store (literally) to personalise your bag. You have the Monogram-service, which is great for colour-loving ladies, or just anyone who really wants to stand out. Your other option will be hot stamping your initials, a more toned down way of showing that the bag is yours.

L’histoire de Louis

The house of Louis Vuitton has been around since 1854, which is a very long time. During that long period, the fashion house has been developing multiple suitcases and bags. Most of them have been around since the beginning of the 20th century, especially the classics. They all have their own personal story, so you’re not only buying a bag, you’re buying a little piece of history.

Quality over quantity

We’ve already covered the fact that the quality of a Louis Vuitton bag is astonishing, but we just want to point out that if you quit buying a new Zara tote bag twice a season (as these simply don’t last that long), you’ll have gathered the money for a Louis Vuitton Neverfull within 5 years. That Neverfull will stick with you for the rest of your life.