Sometimes referred to as a “Sawzall,” reciprocating saws are handheld tools designed primarily for demolition, and they’re extraordinarily good at it. Their straight, extended blade moves rapidly back and forth — reciprocating — and allows them to quickly chew through wood, plastic, and metal materials with minimal user effort. TheirContinue Reading

The difference between a good chainsaw and the best chainsaw for your specific need can be significant. We know which factors matter when you decide which saw is your perfect fit. Chainsaws used to be tools for farmers and loggers, but today homeowners use them for a huge amount ofContinue Reading

While this list is not about puzzles, buying the best jigsaw is somewhat like a puzzle. What we mean is that when purchasing a new machine, a lot of things have to come together to make your work experience complete. All the nitty-gritty and different aspects have to fall intoContinue Reading

It’s a good thing to first know exactly what you’re looking at when you see a scroll saw, so let’s go over what makes a scroll saw the best scroll saw is and all of its components. Before we get there, you may be curious if you even need aContinue Reading

Whether it’s for trade or domestic use, the best circular saws have a place in every tool kit. These power tools use round blades with sharp teeth to make quick cuts in materials like wood, plywood, and even metal. To help you find the best circular saws, we’ve included aContinue Reading

Table saws have long been a popular feature in many home and professional workshops. Portable models sacrifice little in terms of capacity but can be taken to the job site or moved around the home. Given their convenience, it’s no surprise that a wide variety of tools are available. WhileContinue Reading

If you tackle a lot of carpentry or woodworking projects, a miter saw is a worthwhile investment. These power saws provide perfect crosscuts—cutting straight across the wood’s grain—but where they really shine is with miter or bevel cuts. A miter cut slices across the width of your board at anContinue Reading

A sturdy band saw can be one of the most versatile pieces of equipment in any serious workshop. These power tools make rip cuts like a table saw, cross cuts like a miter saw, and can help you reduce the thickness of a board, much like a thickness planer. SimplyContinue Reading