Wood Burning Patterns

wood burning patterns

Ever wanted to make your own wood-burning patterns and signs, but never took the time out of your busy schedule? Well, now you can create beautiful designs on wood in less than 10 minutes per design. In this article , there are 10 different designs and different fonts, some that you may have never seen before. The top-notch designs promise to boost your reputation upon a first try. Pyrography involves the art of making pictures or writing letters and words on wood, or any flat surface that is flammable, like leather or cloth. You can use pyrography to decorate your tools and boxes, as long as it’s not too intricate. There are many kinds of wood, each has its own characteristics and style.

The wood-burning process uses a tool called “pyro,” which is a pencil-like electric tool you can use to burn designs into the wood. And you can even make greeting cards with wood-burning patterns. The term ‘wood burning’ suggests that the prototypical wood-burning tool involves some manner of ‘burnt wood’ tip, but in general, pyrography encompasses any sort of heating device. Wood burning involves drawing a hot point onto the surface of the material in order to burn a decoration into the material. Pyrography is one of the most popular and easy-to-learn forms of carving or burning wood. You can use these patterns to create almost any kind of artwork on a piece of wood.

What is Wood Burning?

Wood burning is exactly what it sounds like. You make designs on wood by burning patterns onto it. To do this, you use a small “pen” that heats up and use it to draw designs on wood.

For most beginners, you start by tracing a design onto the wood, then go over the design with your wood burning tool. For talented artists, you can sketch a design directly on your wood, then use your wood burner.

10 Free Wood Burning Patterns

1. Quilt Block Wooden Coasters With Pyrography

Quilt Block Wooden Coasters With Pyrography

If you happen to have some wooden coasters lying around, you can try out this quilt block design. It has a 16-square base, different from the usual 9-square design that most pyrography projects use.

You don’t need anything fancy for this plan, just some rulers, pencils, some wooden coasters, and a pyrography tool.

As the pattern makes use of the new 16-square design, having some 4-inch square wooden coasters will make it easier for you to measure and divide the corners.

2. Burned IKEA Cork Trivets

Burned IKEA Cork Trivets

Cork trivets are among the most challenging to decorate properly. You regularly place hot dishes on them, after all. With this Burned IKEA Cork Trivets plan, you can rest assured that the patterns will surely stick.

You will need at least three packs of 7 inches cork trivets from IKEA. Also, you must have some contact paper stencil, a silhouette cameo, a marker, and a wood burner on hand.

It’s best if the wood burner has interchangeable tips and adjustable heat levels.

3. Mandala Flower Pyrography

Mandala Flower Pyrography

There is no denying that the mandala flower pyrography design is among the most striking to look at. It is also one of the hardest to pull off, requiring the artist to spend hours upon hours to finish.

To make this pattern, you need the help of three tips, including the writing tip, the ball tip, and the shading tip. You also must have a 10×10 piece of wood ready.

4. Color Block Wall Art

Color Block Wall Art

Wall art is something that we are all familiar with. However, few people have thought of putting their own spin on this kind of project. That is why I want to introduce you to the Color Block Wall Art.

To create this pattern, you need to prepare some tape, any type of wooden letter, a foam paintbrush, and a pencil. Of course, a wood-burning tool is a must.

5. Flower Pattern Deer by Everything Etsy

Flower Pattern Deer by Everything Etsy

If you like to burn nature-based art with a bit of a psychedelic twist, then you’re definitely in luck. This Flower Pattern Deer by Everything Etsy is a very cool pattern of a deer that’s got intricate designs filling it’s entire face, neck, and antlers.

This project has a lot of very fine detailed lines, so it’s probably not well-suited for beginners. But if you’re a more experienced pyrographer, you can definitely test and expand your skills by completing this ornate piece of artwork.

6. Woodburning Turntable by Lowes

Woodburning Turntable by Lowes

This Woodburning Turntable by Lowes is an interesting geometric design that looks like the sun, or possibly a flower. It’s got many elements that get more and more intricate as you get closer to the center. This is a great choice for doing on any type of round surface such as a stool top or a mug slider.

If you print it out large, it’s not going to be very detailed, so a beginner could probably complete this, though it might be a good test for their skills. When printed out small, like for a coaster, the lines in the middle will be very small and detailed, so you’ll need a very steady hand and good eyes!

7. Etched Wooden Spoons by Design Mom

Etched Wooden Spoons by Design Mom

Originally intended as a great gift idea, you can also make these Etched Wooden Spoons for your own kitchen. There are several designs that make your spoons festive for anyone who loves to show off their kitchen and their crafts.

8. Psychadelic Storm Trooper by AZ Coloring

Psychadelic Storm Trooper by AZ Coloring

This fun Psychedelic Storm Trooper from AZ Coloring is a very cool restyling of a Star Wars Storm Trooper that will look good anywhere you burn it! There are some intricate lines, but they’re mostly straight, so it’s not a terribly difficult pattern overall. But it’s not a great fit for complete beginners either. Intermediate pyrographers will find this pattern challenging but doable, as long as they use the force to help them.

9. DIY Wood Burned Sign

DIY Wood Burned Sign

Personalize your space, whether for a home or for the office with these plans for a DIY wood burned, stenciled, and then free-hand painted sign. It is simple to create as long as you have the right tools, and it will instantly be the first thing that guests see in your house. It is true that you cannot bring home a new appliance or piece of decoration without a DIY wood-burned sign, especially if the entrance or the living room is your first impression to your visitors.

10. Wood Burned Flourishes

Wood Burned Flourishes

If you’re looking to improve your wood-burning talents, this wood-burned flourishes drawing should be a good place for you to start practicing. In order to finish it, you’ll need both the universal and conical wood-burning tip. This wood-burned decoration is created using a wood-burning tip. The outside lines and design are traced using the universal wood burning tip. For the finer details and the inside lines, use the cone wood burning tip.

This pattern is for a simple memorial design that can be used on invitations of all occasions or for making gifts for your loved ones. As you follow along with the tutorial and trace over the lines, remember that thinner lines will require the conical tip, while thicker lines will require the universal tip. The easiest way to trace this plan is to cut it around its frame and apply it to a hard surface. Then, you can shade some areas with a pencil before you burn in the design of your choice. Practice tracing different designs by using some scrap pieces of wood to make geometric patterns, thicker lines, and thinner lines. Sooner than later, you will gain the confidence and experience needed to do the outline of this project.

Tips and Tricks for Wood Burning

  • Soft woods are easier to burn than hard woods. Basswood, Birch, and Poplar are all popular choices. Most craft stores have a small wood burning section with good choices for your projects in that aisle.
  • Make sure your wood burner is hot enough before you get started.
  • Practice on scrap wood first.
  • Be CAREFUL when handling your wood burner. The metal bits are all very hot and it’s very easy to burn yourself. I do, quite frequently.
  • Use a set of pliers to attach and detach your tips. Wait to remove tips until they are cool, however.
  • Spend a little more money on a quality wood burning tool. Being able to set the temperature and having a comfortable handle will make this a lot more fun. I used cheap tools back in the days before internet shopping; frequently the handles would get too hot, the temperature wouldn’t be consistent, and my hands would cramp up because they were uncomfortable to hold.

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