There is no reason anyone needs all the hammers on this list. You do not need a shingle hammer unless you’re a roofer. You don’t need a rock hammer unless you’re going on a historical or geological excavation. We divided this list into two parts: everyday hammers that the averageContinue Reading

Ever wanted to make your own wood-burning patterns and signs, but never took the time out of your busy schedule? Well, now you can create beautiful designs on wood in less than 10 minutes per design. In this article , there are 10 different designs and different fonts, some thatContinue Reading

After painting something with spray paint, your next step is typically to wait around until it dries. In the middle of a project, you’re probably wondering how long you’re going to have to wait. Often, you’re ready to get back to work. Most of the time, the back of aContinue Reading

Chop saws and miter saws look the same. Both belong to the circular blade saws family. Besides having round cutting surfaces, both chop saws and miter saws have a stationary base and a hinged arm. Due to these similarities, it is easy to think that these two tools work theContinue Reading

As a DIY woodworker or carpenter, there are seemingly endless species of wood from which to choose. Whether it’s a bank of kitchen cabinets, a DIY shed, a birdhouse, or a backyard deck project, choosing the best types of wood can make or break your projects. It can feel likeContinue Reading

Tool steel refers to a variety of carbon and alloy steels that are particularly when used for cutting and drilling. The four major alloying elements that form carbides in tool steel are: tungsten, chromium, vanadium and molybdenum. The two materials from which most cutting tools are made are carbide andContinue Reading

Drill bits. One of the most useful and versatile tools that exist. You may be surprised to know that using the wrong one can not only hinder production, but could be costing more than you may think. That’s why it’s important to choose drill bits that are optimized for theContinue Reading

Self-tapping screws are one of the most commonly used industrial fasteners. As on of the earliest engineered fastener products, self-tapping screws were manufactured out of hardened steel, and their use powered the Industrial Revolution. Still incredibly common today, self-tapping screws now include many styles and types made for specific fasteningContinue Reading